Dear Lois: Hi, I can't figure this out. Where does the hole come from in the second figure? All the pieces are the same, just rearranged. I don't get it. Can you help? Thanks a bundle if you can.................Paul M.

Dear Paul: Thanks for sending me the triangle puzzle. I had a good time figuring it out and will send you my answer. I am going to put the puzzle on my web site, but I won't give the answer right away. Maybe other math students would like to work it out for themselves.

Here is Paul's puzzle. Perhaps some of you math minds out there in cyberspace can come up with a solution. If you think you have a good solution, send it to me at the e-mail link below. Sometime in the future I'll publish the solution or solutions.

Okay, so maybe you'd like to see the SOLUTION after all."

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